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Vestax VCI100

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Vestax VCI100 (Vestax VCI 100)



The VCI100 is a highly professional MIDI controller that has two jog wheels built with sensor and control technology straight from our turntables. One of the many additional features found on the VCI-100 is a curve generator that controls the crossfader curve giving the DJ true professional mixer features on this MIDI controller, even if the software being used doesn't allow for curve control. The VCI-100 is built with the highest quality mechanical parts and state of the art PCB technology guaranteeing accurate and stable operation.


90 parameters of various software are assignable to the VCI-100's control section via USB transmitted MIDI signals.
The JOG wheel is constructed with a high-resolution pulse sensor; touch sensor and acrylic platter mechanism. With this combination, operations such as pitch bending, scanning and scratching can be performed with speed and accuracy.
Every crossfader motion of the VCI-100 is digitally converted and sent to the software. Curve settings are generated with the built-in CPU, which allows you to adjust the crossfader curve to your preference whether or not the software you use has curve control.
The DATA SEND LED and JOG wheel SENSOR LED provides clear visual of the current status to assist in an authentic play mode in real time.
Operates both with USB bus-power and an exclusive power adaptor. (For best performance and stable operation, please use the power adaptor if the computer's power capacity is low or if using a USB hub)
There are no issues if you don't have software to operate. TRAKTOR LE (Native Instrument Inc.) is bundled to the VCI-100 with exclusive control assignment files.
The VCI-100 provides simple plug & play working with Apple and Windows operating system computers.
Compatible with all software that allows MIDI control assignment. Samples of MIDI control assignment files for each software will be available at www.vestax.com.
The metal body is almost the same size as a standard Laptop, thin but highly durable, compact and convenient for transportation.
DIMENSIONS: 360(W) x 35(H) x 252(D) mm (Excluding knob height)
Loop/Sampler section
Lighting Square Push Sw : 3pcs
Round small Push SW + LED : 4 set

Cursor section
Lighting Square Push SW : 5pcs

Channel section (per channel)
Rotary Volume : 5pcs
Small rotary volume : 1pce
2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
60mm High quality fader : 1pce

Effect and/or Universal section
Lighting Square Push SW + Rotary Volume

Master section
Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
Small rotary volume : 3pcs

Pitch/Tempo/Jog section (per channel)
45mm Fader volume : 1pce
2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 1pce
Lighting Square Push SW : 3pcs

Jog Wheel section (per channel)
Touch sense SW : 1pce
Touch sensitivity LED : 1pce
High resolution pulse generator dial: 1pce

Cross fader
45mm stroke variable curve generate fader : 1pce

Transport section (per channel)
2 color Lighting Square Push SW : 4pcs

Rear panel section
Touch sensitivity level volume : 2pcs
C.F.curve control volume : 1pce
Power SW (Adaptor/OFF/Buss power) 1pce
System Requirement

a) Operating System
Requires Windows XP Service Pack 2. Does not support Windows 2000/98/Me
NOTEF DO NOT connect to a Windows2000 Professional PC. The display will turn blue and the computer will freeze.
Supports Mac OS X 10.4.7. Does not support previous system versions.
Multi client environments that operate the VCI-100 with multiple software, is not supported.
CPU Pentium III 500 MHz (Advanced CPU required for
Memory: 256MB RAM
USB 2.0 Interface
These minimum system requirements are for the VCI-100
hardware. If the software's system requirements are
higher than the VCI-100, please prepare an advanced
operating system qualified.
CPUFMacintosh G3@600 /
G4 1.5 GHz or Dual Core 1.6 GHz@667MHziA faster CPU is required for laptopsj
USB 2.0 Interface

2 Beat & Tempo Synchronizable Decks
Instant Loop Function
4 amazing Master FX
Integrated Beatport Store Access
Ultra-Fast Database Browsing and iTunes-Import
System Requirements
__Windows XP (SP2), Pentium III or Athlon 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM
__Mac OS 10.4, G4 1.5 GHz or Dual Core 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM