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Pioneer DVDV5000

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Pioneer DVDV5000 (Pioneer DVD-V5000)

Pioneer has created the DVD-V5000 Professional DVD Video, CD Video and CD Audio CD-R/W, DVD-R Player, Progressive Scan, Multi System, and RS232 Serial Port; this DVD player is easy enough to use at home but packed with enough powerful interactive features that it's ideally suited for business.

With such features as an optional touch screen, Power On Start and the ability to use simultaneous outputs, the Pioneer V5000 has everything a professional needs.

Set up at trade shows with an interactive screen inviting prospective customers to get familiar with your products. Place the V5000 in a museum display and easily update your exhibits while educating your patrons.

Many features, suitable for both home and work, make this a truly versatile DVD player.

Key Features

• Multiple Discs
The V5000 supports multiple disc formats including: DVD-Video, Video CD, and CD-Audio. It also supports multiple media types such as: DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, and CD-RW.

• Slow Motion
Detail oriented viewers or professional analyzing demo-tapes can use the slow motion feature for in-depth critique.

• 16:9 Wide
With a widescreen TV, select the 16:9 setting and your DVD software is shown using the fullscreen.

• Letter Box/Pan & Scan
Letter box mode gives you the option of viewing a full screen version of the DVD with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. In Pan & Scan mode the sides are cut off, allowing the image to fill your entire viewing area.

• Progressive Scan
Pioneer's V5000 brings the theatre home with PureCinema progressive scan. Images are totally stable with no flicker, giving you a quality picture with the same frame refresh rate as the original movie.

• TruSurround
This audio process is approved by Dolby Laboratories for Virtual Dolby Digital sound. Using just two speakers the V5000 replicates surround sound, enhancing any visual elements.

• Parental Lock
If a disc has the parental lock feature, the V5000 lets you exercise this control over which videos are played in your home.

• Disc Loop
With an A-B Repeat function you can select two points and form a loop which can be played over and over. This is ideal for trade shows and museums.

• Program List
Program the play order of titles, chapters or tracks on a disc, turn your professionally produced company videos into versatile evergreen promotional pieces.

• Zoom
Magnify part of your screen image by 2x or 4x to better examine specific portions of your DVDs.