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Gemini UF1264M

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Gemini UF-1264M (Gemini UF1264M)

UF1264L and UF1264H (lavaliere and headset) also available. to order.

UF-1264 Series
Professional 64 Channel UHF PLL Diversity Wireless System

- UF-1264 diversity receiver
- Balanced & unbalanced outputs
- 64 band UHF synthesizer controlled frequencies
- Phase locked loop (PLL) circuitry
- Super high sensitivity with extremely low noise
transmission & reception
- Stable & quality SMT assembled PCB module
- Power & 2 RF LEDs
- Squelch control

Range: up to 400'
Frequency Range - USA: 790 - 806MHz
Europe: 794 - 865MHz

The UF-Series allows up to 10 channels to be used simultaneously with multiple systems.