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X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB MKV

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Product Description:

X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB (XLaser Mobile Beat RBG)

X-Laser Mobile Beat Series

The 2013 Mobile Beat Series remains the world’s only animation laser system made just for mobile DJ’s and the hospitality industry. With more than 100 built-in useful graphics and stunning new color options, Mobile Beat series lasers are the perfect compliment to punch out any lighting rig, or up-sell for hospitality clients.

2013 models are very similar to the top selling 2012 version, but with a better scanner speed and brighter laser.

The MK5 2013 version is double the brightness of the MK4, it includes X-Laser's revolutionary G1 light engine and the sweep scan system, and the platform is simplified and easier to use now.

FDA Certified, Class IIIB & IV. Mobile Beats comply with UL, cUL, ETL, CE and IEC standards for high powered entertainment laser systems.


Now In Full Color!

Mobile Beat series lasers are now available in multi-colored models in addition to the past favorites of 50 & 100MW green. All have been updated for 2012.

Lower Maintenance

2012 Mobile Beat series models feature filtered air intake ports to keep your laser cleaner and performing at its best over the long haul.

Custom? Absolutely.

Need a corporate logo, scrolling text message, or seasonal themed animation for an upcoming show? Mobile Beats will render them with ease using the optional Quick Show laser control software.


Multi-Color: Choose virtually any combination of colors for stunning, and stunningly affordable, color animation laser shows!
Animation Scanners: Built-in 15,000pps animation scanners will render beautifully fluid (and bright!) aerial effects like tunnels, sheets, skies, cones and more while also offering you the flexibility of writing text and projecting logos.
Loads Of Built-In Patterns: Mobile Beats come stock with more than 100 patterns. Aerial laser effects like liquid skies and animations ready to go right out of the box.
Easy Control: Choose from Sound Active, Auto, 12 Channel DMX Control, or ILDA to create awesome custom laser shows.
Expensive (Looking) Beams: Mobile Beat series lasers feature very nicely crafted tight beams, often found in much more expensive laser systems. Tight beams travel further and appear much brighter at longer distances such as the far corners of a nightclub or large hall.

The Different X-Laser Mobile Beat Laser Models

4th Generation Mobile Beat Series

Green: MKIV 50 & 100mW

Red: 200mW

Blue: 250 & 500mW

RGY: 250mW Red, Green & Yellow

GBC: 250mW Green, Blue & Cyan

RGB: 450mW Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta & White

Mobile Beat MKIV 50 & 100mW models are also available bundled with QuickShow and a 10′ ILDA cable from your favorite X-Laser dealer.